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Find Hitler, kill Hitler.  What could possibly go wrong?

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Travel Through Time To 1903 Vienna, Austria

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Hiram Bloch works for a secret division of the armed forces and is charged with going back in time and killing Hitler.  Mistakes happen, hijinks ensue, and Hiram is left cleaning up the mess he left behind.  Can he redeem one of the world’s worst people in history?  Can anyone save Hitler?  Or is Hitler beyond saving?

Buy Now – Kindle ($2.99) Buy Now – Paperback ($6.95)

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A Short Story About


An agent is sent to kill a ruthless tyrant before he fulfills his destiny. But a costly mistake creates an even worse future.


Who is pulling the strings in 1903 Austria, and why can't the time agent eliminate him?

Time Travel

Answer the age-old question: If you could go back in time and kill Hitler, would you?

Nicholas LaRue

Nicholas LaRue is a short story author, novelist, and screenwriter.

He is the CEO of LaRue Entertainment Group, a consulting company working in and around the entertainment industry.  Nic is also a woodworker and engineer that enjoys making things with his hands and using different types of materials and styles to create new and interesting items.  He is a former film critic that has been fortunate to work in and out of Hollywood, traveling the country and giving talks about everything from digital marketing to film theory.  Nic is the former Editor-In-Chief of FilmSnobbery, a website that focused on independent film and emerging filmmakers.  He currently is back in his home state of Massachusetts living in the country and writing full-time.


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